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Why Buy Rubber Speed Bumps?

by Christine Richards on 02/19/15

Rubber speed bumps have several advantages over asphalt — price being first and foremost. Secure Lane has great pricing on speed bumps. Quantity discounts are huge! Call for your price (520)780-9751. If you have a parking lot or a long private road to your property, you may need multiple speed bumps, making a reasonably priced speed bump of particular importance.
Rubber speed bumps can be installed in less than an hour, so paying a contractor to do the job won’t mean saving up for decades. The speedbumps are straightforward to remove as well, so they can even be moved from place to place on an as-needed basis. Our rubber speed bumps have reflective surfaces and makes your traffic calming devices stand out from the road — essential at night.

  •  Our Speed Bumps and End Caps are made of 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber from used car and truck tires. A 3% MD400 polyurethane is used as a binder.
  •  Speed Bumps have a 1/8” virgin rubber overlay resulting in a 92% recycled content. The yellow stripes are made from road marking tape. Optional cat eye reflectors are for nighttime visibility. There are 8 per 6’ speed bump, they are a highly reflective glass bead and have never been reported to come out.
  •  These 60 pound rubber speed bumps are light enough for easy installation by a single installer.
  •  Made in the USA. For each 12 lbs of product you buy saves one passenger tire from a landfill.
  •  Hardware installation holes are drilled with a ½” drill bit.
  •  Hardware available: 14” x 1/2” rebar spike with 5/8” washer for asphalt or gravel installations.
  •  4 1/2” x ½” lag screw, washer and short shield for concrete installations.
  •  Use 10 ounce of epoxy or construction adhesive (ie; Polyurethane PL Premium) for installations where no hardware is allowed.

Rubber Speed Bump

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